Our Approach

At Square Roots Collective, our approach is one that combines local knowledge with global inspiration and creative imagination with disciplined investment.

How we work

Historically, we have invested time or financial resources when three key elements have converged:


Timely Opportunities

We focus on opportunities or needs as they present themselves.


Enhance Community

We look for ideas that enhance thriving in our community.


Unique Ability to Contribute

We select projects to which we bring unique capabilities, relationships, or resources that enable an excellent solution.

The Creamery

Our best ideas have stemmed from understanding our place, its unique needs, its people and our culture.

We endeavor to deeply understand our community’s triumphs and challenges. We form our imagination about project opportunities by being immersed in community and collaborating with our neighbors, partners, and friends.

We continuously gather inspiration from innovative projects in other communities around the world and sift for those that may work well in ours.

Imaginations ignited, we turn ideas into investments with a balance of precision and flexibility to change. Our process of design fuses a keen attentiveness to the best ideas from cities around the world, an experimental willingness to incubate our own ideas, and a collaborative openness to supporting the innovations of our neighbors.

We have learned that real, meaningful investment takes time and heart, which we lean into fully.

Even after a project launches, we aim for continual improvement. We are never satisfied with “good enough” and strive for excellence in everything we work on.

Read about how two of our projects got started below!

The Creamery

In 2011, we purchased an abandoned property, which is a direct link to Kennett Square’s agricultural history, and proposed building a pop-up beer garden and new community gathering space in the repurposed industrial site. KSQ Borough agreed to experiment with us and in 2016, The Creamery opened and was quickly recognized as a unique venue that celebrates history, art and welcomes guests from every segment of our diverse community.

Kennett Greenway

In 2009 Mike and his daughter Stephanie decided to run a marathon to celebrate her 20th birthday and his 50th . As training runs increased in length, they found it ironic that while Kennett is such a beautiful area, full of preserved open space it is nearly impossible to plan a safe long run or even a recreational bike ride. Stephanie was in college at the time and interned for the summer to figure out whether a trail loop would be possible and after joining efforts with The Land Conservancy of Southern Chester County, SRC launched the Kennett Greenway initiative with the goal of a 12 mile trail loop through the Kennett Borough and Kennett Township.

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Our Mission

Square Roots Collective is committed to advancing the community of Kennett Square so that all residents can thrive.