Our Team

Our team brings together dreamers and doers, but one thing that unites us is our desire for excellence and to create positive impact. Bringing a variety of skill sets together, we believe in an ‘all hands on deck’ mentality when it comes to accomplishing our mission.

Get to know the people who bring our projects to life.

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Mike Bontrager

Team Leader

Mike and his wife Dot founded SRC and curate its vision. Read “Roots” to understand its origins.

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Sandra Mulry

Brand and Creative Lead

A Kennett resident for over 20 years, Sandra’s commitment to local flourishing drives the many projects she leads. Her keen aesthetic, insistence on brand integrity, and collaborative approach has fueled much energy of SRC’s vision and is a force behind so much of SRC’s success.

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Luke Zubrod

Operations Lead

Luke Zubrod joins the SRC team after 17 years at Chatham Financial, where he led culture and public policy initiatives. He loves envisioning possibilities and building systems to bring them into being.

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Bruna Anderson


A native of Brazil, Bruna came to the US to get a master’s degree in Accounting.. Bruna's skill coupled with her friendly personality make her a great fit for our Accounting team.

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Jose Baretto

Property Maintenance

A native of Puerto Rico, Jose can fix just about anything and keeps our properties running smoothly. Our tenants are always greeted with Jose’s infectious smile.

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Alison DeAngelo

Head of Accounting

Alison brings focus and fastidiousness to SRC’s diverse projects and is integral to the whole team. She brings a great work ethic and distinct competency to our office.

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Tom Janton

Kennett Trails Alliance

Tom is passionate about enabling Kennett residents to experience the natural beauty of Southern Chester County. Tom has built strong relationships in the community and worked tirelessly to make the Kennett Greenway a reality.

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Beth Mariner

Assistant to Mike and Dot

Beth recently joined the team and is responsible for assisting Mike with keeping the team and projects on track. Her excellent attention to details is crucial to the team's success!

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Jose Medina

Assistant Creamery Manager

Jose is a Kennett native and Travis’ right-hand man at The Creamery. His food and beverage experience, hard work, and ever-present smile make him a critical part of the Creamery team.

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Nick Perigo

Property Manager

Nick is a lifelong resident of Kennett Square. He brings infectious enthusiasm, a degree from Williamson trade school, and a background in contracting to his responsibility of overseeing the management of our properties.

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Colleen Podolak

Office Manager/Special Projects

Colleen not only serves as the SRC’s office manager but fills so many project gaps that arise. With her laugh and smile she keeps the office lighthearted and fun.

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Kate Uhler

The Constellation Network

Kate has a graduate degree in Intercultural Service, Leadership, & Management and almost 10 years experience working in community service & development with bilingual, bicultural groups. As Director of Community Engagement, her primary role is to work with our diverse community partners to support the collective impact work TCN is doing in Southern Chester County.

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Tim Sarac

Media/Marketing Analyst

Tim has worked with a variety of organizations to enhance digital marketing and creative branding. His eye for design and proficiency with digital technology help us authentically reflect our presence digitally.

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Dan Dogan

Food Service Director

Dan’s classical training and years of professional experience allow him to create authentically with a light hearted twist. His role as Food Service Director will allow the community to feel at home when they enter The Creamery as one of our guests.

Our Mission

Square Roots Collective is committed to advancing the community of Kennett Square so that all residents can thrive.