Our Values

At Square Roots Collective, our work is anchored in and accountable to the things we value. In fact, one of our distinctions as a team is our commitment to embody these values in ourselves and to nurture them in our community.

We value Community

We want to see the community of Kennett Square become a place where all of its residents can thrive-a place marked by beauty, innovation, and opportunity. This is why we create spaces and events for community to happen.

We value Creativity

We love to engage creativity with both the challenges and the opportunities in our community; to imagine, identify, and invest in creative and innovative approaches to our common life. This is why we value art, architecture, design, horticulture, history and out-of-the-box ideas.

We value Collaboration

We want to work with others to identify and support like-minded partners in the good work ahead. This is why we have community partners in many of our endeavors and cheer for others' successes (including our competitors!).

We value Holistic Cohesion

We believe that the thriving of our community requires investment not simply in one or two aspects of our common life, but in the whole. Because of this, we seek to invest in a broad spectrum of initiatives that reinforce each other and collectively create momentum. This is why our investment time horizon is the next generation.

Our Mission

Square Roots Collective is committed to advancing the community of Kennett Square so that all residents can thrive.